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Nice work developers i sure liked it the game is intresting i too made a good funny gameplay on this game

Go watch my video on youtube i bet you will like it its funny

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It is a great game. I found it out about this game when watching GrayStillplays. Found out his playthrough really fun so i wanted to try it for myself.   When playing it i have  a slight problem with the Coming Out Ending . In that playthough i have  kissed both girls and boys and the gf thinks i am gay . This is weird for me because that would make the main character bisexual . It seems like the game is saying that bi people don't exist

kay uh.. this is... great i guess. 10/999

I don't get the joke of What about planting an apple tree? please someone explain

This game was amazing! I had so much fun playing it, and discovering the other endings off camera. Great Job! :D

Este juego es GENIAL! A pensar las últimas decisiones de su vida!!

Nézzétek meg az én videómat is ha gondoljátok 

I laughed so hard at the end xD 


Had a lot of fun playing this game.  Didn't expect much, but the simple concept and execution spoke for itself. 

Oh hey, we played this on our channel! Great game!

i like this game

I really enjoyed the game!

Some of these endings surprised me!

Hey, I recorded a quick video if you'd like to check it out! Really enjoyed playing it!

A hilarious little game that I thoroughly enjoyed

great game!

it could have more endings!

I would play this game again for my last 60 seconds

What would you do in the last 60 seconds? XD

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Thank you for playing!


weird but amazing

Haha that thumbnail :D Thank you for playing!

I could NOT stop laughing at this game. I loved it so much. So very well done and I was only able to find four endings so far!


That's a cool thumbnail. Thank you for playing! Glad you liked my game.

Here's Me Completing the Game. Great Game Dude. Let Me Know if you have MORE.

Thank you for playing! Glad you like my game.

It was an awesome game

I'M DOING a video with the full playthrough of meteor 60 seconds

Thank you for the video!

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Upload completed. yay-