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i found a glitch at the password thing if your birthday is first january you cant enter the pass code at the room at the end


great story but too short, 9/10


Forgot to post this yesterday, but I gave it a go. So far I feel like Streamer Kim is making some pretty bad choices and it's kinda creeping me out, but I'll keep going and see how this all goes. Hope you enjoy the video! 

I really like your game.

It creep the hell out of me.

I made a terrible video about it, hope you like it. 


Another great game by you Avocavo! The art style of Meteor 60 Seconds really shines through in this game. Not sure which came first maybe this influenced that one? Although both games are different in play style they both are amazing games! I'm not really a fan of black, and white (maybe this is gray scale?) but, you pulled it off well! Big fan of visual novels but, I think even if someone isn't a fan they can find this easy to digest!
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well,only three words:



P.S:i finished both of your game in one

i want web.

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We loved it!

it's a great and enjoyable short visual novel !

Thank you for playing!

Hey I checked out your visual novel! It was a good short read I enjoyed it! It suited best being around 30minutes. What luck for a streamer! If only if that happened to real life. 

Overall great visual novel! Hope you make more like this if you want! I will check it out any time. Hope you don't made I made a let's play :3


Thank you for playing! I'm not sure whether that girl is a luck or unluck to be honest. haha. Thanks.